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    most ridiculous rappers The Most Ridiculous Rap Lyrics Of All Time. Rick Ross has donned several chains that are all worth a not-so-small. One of my personal favorite mumbling rappers, yet it seems he’s unknown to even the general rap audience. Opinion: Most rap music hypersexualizes women, more female artists,. It's always referenced as the Golden Age of rap. It was called Rapper's Delight. "Horse don’t stop they keep goin’" "Digits" — Young Thug Oct 27, 2009 · Lil Wayne Is Awarded The Most Ridiculous Rap Lyric Of All Time. 2 Jan 2016. ini · sourcecash-laflare. 23 Feb 2019. So let's look back at Yeezy's most ludicrous utterences ever. May 02, 2005 · Sure, the picture ain’t that ridiculous, but Mase holds down the #8 position for sheer, undeniable lack of ability. If you disrespect him, he will write a devastating diss track in 15 minutes. 1 of 2 Go to page. The incident was the culmination of a long period of hostility between Greece and. 16 Mar 2020. “I am not Jasmine, I am Aladdin. and Ghost Face is a real man, but most of them ridiculous . Jul 15, 2015 · Kanye West is a master of self-promotion. 10 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains. Rick Ross' Chain Of Himself Wearing A Chain. ' Here's what we know about the rappers of the boy band. The world of hip-hop is affiliated with glamour, partying, money and fun! Itâ s no wonder why so many rappers flock to the industry. When all was said and done the voters awarded the most ridiculous lyric to Lil Wayne for his lyric on “A Milli”. Jan 14, 2021 · Celebrities' most ridiculous excuses. 15 Aug 2013. 23 Feb 2010. 27 Of The Most Mind-Bogglingly Stupid Song Lyrics Of All Time. Follow Linkedin. RELATED: 20 Ridiculous Rapper Mansions RELATED: The 20 Richest Rappers of the. 7 Jun 2011. ini · sapphire-princesss. Bart Simpson looks cool. Don't know how anyone can top this ***** might be but he got best grillz tho still the best chain. Why does take fo her clothes and scream like a crazy cat lady and call it art? Answer: Attention (which equals money most of the time). Rappers are so intelligent! Artistes in general actually… that's probably why what they do is called ART. There are seven members in this K-pop group, but not all of them perform in the BTS 'rap line. The best rappers in hip-hop to follow on Instagram when it comes to bling, swag, and dayum. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne – No Problem 1. As the election nears we've noticed the increasing amount of rappers caping for Donald Trump. “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,” he. ” – Nicki Minaj, “Roman’s Revenge” 2. Common. The most ridiculous rapper movie role doesn’t necessarily have to be the “worst” movie role, even if the rapper's performance in the film justifies a spot on our list. Pettai Rap. Here are 18 of the most ridiculous celebrity demands ever — read on to find out who needs puppies in their dressing room and who asks for the fridge to be stocked with Lunchables. Longtime readers will know I have an ongoing love affair with DMX’s insanity (as chronicled in my 11 Most Ridiculous DMX Moments list). The 10 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains Rappers love their jewelry. Without lavish ice (or at least 2 chains), you’re an insect among Gods in the opulence-obsessed rap game. I’ll say it now – Black Thought is the most underrated, the most consistent and the most well rounded rapping today. 6 Johnny Cinco. Since dropping his debut, Coup d'Etat, solo album in 2013, the multi-talented rapper-singer has gotten a ridiculous amount of views on YouTube. 18 Dec 2013. with this list of rappers with the most number-one songs,. 16 Sep 2016. 12/29/18 9:07 AM EST. Before, Jay-Z used to demand to have access to some of the most expensive alcohol available, including a $300 bottle of champagne. These artists are at the top of the earnings r. 101 The 10 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains Berg's chain wasn't the worst looking one around, but I just don't understand why this guy has a . Written By ionehiphopwiredstaff. Check out some of the most extravagant rapper chains in hip hop history. Overall, though, it's fair to say that most of these artists have not yet entered. Take a look. From Gucci Mane to Plies, check out some of the most random and ridiculous chains below. The Most Ridiculous Rapper Names Lilwaterbed Houston's Lilwaterbed calls himself the '#1 disco artist of eternity. What do you do with a very talented man who thinks he is a God? You stand back. Ignore his silly auto-tuned sing-song rapping in his radio-centric singles and. Is. Trivia Facts: MF Doom has done countless group albums, most . The rapper and music executive Jimmy Iovine sold their headphone company Beats Electronic to Apple for a cool $3 billion in 2014,. $500,000. 20 May 2020. There's some more low-key, acoustic, and melodic music mixed in too. divorcing Stitches, Erica very rarely . attempting to one-up each other in the most ridiculous ways possible. Kanye West, Gucci Mane & Rick Ross) Let's take a look at 20 of the most ridiculous athlete/celebrity beefs—in no particular order of ridiculousness. Ron Mexico’s CD Collection May 5, 2013 by L. I love the beats, the lyricism, and the absolutely ridiculous stuff rappers can say with a straight face and still try to maintain a gangster imagine. The ability to play. 22 Rappers Who’ve Worn Ridiculous Chains. Stuff we can quote on our social media to sound smart, deep or anything at all but sometimes, they say the craziest things! It’s usually so hard to wrap your […] Jul 10, 2017 · The American rapper is known for his fondness for luxury cars, hence, the requirement. 10 New Rappers With The Most Ridiculous Names lilwaterbed. Never seen any hip hop acts. Jan 28, 2021 · They get so used to having everything ‘just so’ and partaking in the best of the best, that they start making crazy demands. Last week he shared a photo of himself standing with President Cheeto in the most ridiculous. Whether it's pink and fluffy or that natural color, many hip-hop artists resort to rocking an oversized fur coat to stay warm and cozy during the . 19. YUNG BERG Berg’s chain wasn’t the worst looking one around, but I just don’t understand why this guy has a Transformers symbol around his neck? I love rap. Do you agree or disagree with this lineup? Hip-hop's romance with the 90s is well documented. The Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains Of All Time (22 pics). The rags-to-riches journey of the most popular rappers in the music industry typically ends up with a pit stop at the jewelry store to celebrate with a gold. Heavy Top 10 Most Ridiculous Hip-Hop Instagrams Share on. Part of. Solar System Chain. Just like how most memes—such as deep fried memes—capitalize on ridiculousness, joke rap too has begun to utilize shock value to get laughs. 10 Most Obnoxious Rap Songs. Apr 16, 2015 · The 34 Most Ridiculous Town Names in America. 8. Itsoktocry Five years ago, it. The 10 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains. " Although his former name wasn't the most family-friendly rap moniker we'd ever heard, he. Mr. The 32 most ridiculous things musicians have demanded in their. 2009年6月11日. So heres a look at some of my favorite lines rappers have said in their songs over the years. BuzzFeed Staff Lil Scrappy explains the origins of his name: "The hood gave me the nickname Lil Scrappy, you know what I'm saying. He exposes how ridiculous all these other rappers are by taking all their bad habits and taking them to their absolute extremes. Most Ridiculous Chains of Rappers (22 pics) Posted in PICTURES 17 Nov 2009 76960 28 Maybe some of you will find that cool, who knows, but as for me, it’s just ridiculous! action, pack guns, ridiculous” — Notorious B. The rapper has been coming out with some absolute corkers lately. from the fact that Tatanka is rapping, what makes this song so ridiculous is its . The Rapper: Young Dro What He Changed His Name To: 3krazy Why It Was Ridiculous: Dro must be "krazy. From multi-million dollar chains to buying your kid two Maybachs in a row, here are The 20 Dumbest Rapper Purchases. The 10 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains The Bizarre ^ Posted on 01/03/2010 12:22:37 PM PST by uglybiker. Big L is super underrated and could potentially be one of the most lyricist rappers of all time. Hart’s request could be the most absurd yet. British rapper Lowkey has emerged as one of the best British hip-hop scene’s most outspoken rap artists. No lie, this rap-roster brawler gave hip-hop-loving gamers everything they needed in the PS2 era. — Reality television star Kim Kardashian and controversial rapper Kanye West recently participated in a secret al-Qaida training camp . If you want to be taken seriously, you got to get something straight up RIDICULOUS! Like these funny rapper chains. Rapper and fashion designer Kayne West announced on Twitter Saturday that he would be running for President of the United States. C. From work on Selma to 13th”to his brand-new album Black America Again, the rapper’s evolved to more focused activism. Everyone knows the giants of rap, but it's the underrated and underappreciated rappers like AZ and Masta Ace who are the true artists. 24 Oct 2013. Takeoff. 11 Feb 2020. Most insanely stupid things bought by billionaires and millionaires! Find out what crazy and outrageous purchases the extremely rich buy. Born to Jamaican parents in London, on January 14, 1965, Slick Rick, born Ricky Martin Lloyd Walters, is the most successful British-American rapper in music history. Anonymous u the biggest shit talkin bitch ik shit I don't even thing anonymous is your real name I think its fuckin ridiculous that u think u tough . From Lil Uzi Vert's Marilyn Manson hommage, to Quavo's Ratatouille ice to Rick Ross' Rick Ross million dollar chain, here are the 10 wildest rapper chains. htm · sapphire- . Jan 09, 2012 · The song itself isn't nearly as ridiculous as a lot of the others on this list; but again, the hell raisin', beer drinkin', mudhole stompin' Texas rattlesnake and rap music don't quite mix. The rapper first said that it wasn’t him, but when more evidence of his past was presented, he said he took the job as a cover. 2 Chainz has experienced highs and lows and has even changed his style and his name in order to make a more socially acceptable brand. Consider this your. Mar 27, 2018 · From country to emo, these artists aren't afraid of their fans having a few chuckles at their expense, as evidenced by these hilarious song titles. Jul 13. Wayne is the biggest bullshit artist, product of an extremely weak era ass rapper it's ridiculous. A list of some of the most ridiculous rap names in the game. three boxes of condoms and one *gallon* of Hennessy. Dec 20, 2014 - From names like Iggy Azalea to Swollen Members, this is a list of the most outrageous rapper names in 2014. One o. He's still got under 5,000 followers on SoundCloud, but several of his tracks have tens of thousands of. 1. This generally leads to headlines. Kanye West's Horus Chain. Some rappers don’t even have their own homes but as long as the ice is right, it’s all gravy like Fat Joe’s dinner table. 27 Jul 2016. He asked to have five women between the ages of 21-27 “with an athletic/sexy build” at the venue one hour ahead of time and to stay one hour after. Why do rappers universally adopt such silly names? 3,628 Views. His lyrics can be crass, x-rated and generally hilarious, while his boisterous . Enjoy! ❤️. I. にて「The 10 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains」 という「最もアホな/下らない ジュエリーランキング」 的な記事に載ってました!w 30 Apr 2018. Will Smith had a handful of hits as a raper in the 1990s. Leavemealone Leavemealone has a name that could belong to an emo band, but the music on his SoundCloud ranges from. If you want to be taken seriously, you got to get something straight up RIDICULOUS! Like these. Keep in mind, some of these rappers have been making music for several. 4 May 2014. 22 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains. This bar is crazy and just his flow made. Featured in this collection of some of the most ridiculous rapper endorsements are artists like Snoop Dogg, Dr. May 20, 2020 · Rappers are so intelligent! Artistes in general actually… that’s probably why what they do is called ART. Dre, and 50 Cent, all of whom . With that success has come a whole lot of money for the best rappers in the game. Brolic-ass Snoop. xls · sourcecash-laflare. “I’m a venereal disease like a menstrual bleed…”. He is well aware that there is no such thing as […] Jul 08, 2015 · Jul 8, 2015 - Most Ridiculous Chains of Rappers (22 pics) something that is unbelievable in some way shape or form, an event worthy of memory Hip-hop is booming, and depending on who you ask, it’s even overtaken rock as the most important musical genre. YUNG JOC. The Most Ridiculous Rapper Names Lilwaterbed Houston's Lilwaterbed calls himself the '#1 disco artist of eternity. Johnny Cinco’s possibly the most incomprehensible musical artist of all time, which is why his music is such a joy. Skip to comments. I'll be releasing the single on Spotify and all other platforms very soon. In honor of Drake's 27th (and his ridiculous autobiographical cake), we take a look . Well, at least you save on cost on the driver. Most. Follow @blamberr Oct 10, 2017 · The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Paychecks Ever. Go to main menu. The urban north has produced Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Eve, Queen Latifah, L Boogie, Lil Kim, Mc Lyte, Remy Ma, and many more female rappers. Fox News has already started poisoning the well for climate action under the Biden administration Mar 08, 2013 · Big is one of the greatest American rappers of all time, but did you know that he's also one of the greatest Spanglish rappers of all time? Sure, "nombre" means "name," but, come on, this is. Even if you're literally both. . Top 15 Ridiculous Rapper Chains Plies' Fitted Chain. 23 Chamillionaire. But we were more surprised by other requests, like one rap star who . More often than not, it will start with a parent or a republican friend making the argument that all rap sounds the same and that rhyming a bunch of words together would be easy. The Rapper is alive and well. 24 69 Boyz. -Slick Rick Slick Rick is nothing short of a trendsetter for his ongoing saga of neck pieces, from a Libra scale to Ying-Yangs and pyramids. Oct 20, 2018 · Most Ridiculous High Fashion Releases Of All Time October 20, 2018 Alexandru M. time, and even the silly rap theme song from the end credits has found its fans. com's list of the Top 10 Filthiest Rappers, including the standout lines from their most gleefully disgusting songs. Home to America's only hardcore gangsta rap group made up entirely of dwarfs. So click through to see the funniest and most embarrassing pictures of rappers looking straight up ill, yo. 1 | DMX. What we want to ask is, why do so many rappers pick such terrible stage. Finally, we get to use “ridiculous” in the best way possible. com. Enjoy. May 25, 2011 · The Most Ridiculous Rap Lyrics Of All Time. Lil B the BasedGod is the rawest rapper alive. What's really ridiculous about this rural southern rap scene is that it pulls off the seemingly impossible feat of being more sexist than mainstream rap. An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distincti. bin · frenchhipy. By Charlotte Hilton Andersen. The 20 most ridiculous things superstar musicians have demanded at. It’s quite a claim but it’s the truth. 17 Sep 2020. And for more musical absurdity, check out the 30 Funniest Funniest Rap Lyrics Oct 02, 2017 · 26 of the Most Ridiculous Baby Names From the Past 100 Years. emotion), 6ix9ine is the most consistent and prominent leader of screamo rap. ' He just hit 5,000 followers on. Some of my most played artists definitely aren't erik b and rakim, a tribe called quest, etc. Marianne Bonner, CPCU, ARM, worked in the insurance industry for 30 years. 6 Jul 2020. 9 Aug 2014. As rappers continue to up the ante on their chains, rocking pieces that could result in hunchback,. 24 Of The Most Ridiculous Rules Parents Have Had To Make For Their Children 15 People Share The Most Ridiculous Stories. The rapper showed off his latest insane timepiece, a diamond-encrusted Rolex Day Date with a Chrome Hearts bracelet, on Instagram. The Game and Stitches are currently in the most ridiculous beef right now. A look at hip-hop's (supposedly) petite class. 1 / 9. The more we learn about Swagg Man, the more convinced we become that he's the most absurd human being alive. His rapid firing, uncensored neurons also make him one of the most talented rappers in the game. The 10 most ridiculous rapper chains (not a slideshow) May 05, 2013 · The 10 Most Ridiculous 90s Hip Hop Album Covers In L. 212 likes. If Omaha rapper Big Bear had used a typical cover for Doin Thangs, his 1998 album would have come and gone with little fanfare. 8 Sep 2016. Rappers give us dope lines all the time. ITSOKTOCRY. Answered 8 months ago. The most notable rap beef is also the saddest. The Huffington Post recently had a post called the Most Ridiculous Rap Lyrics Of All Time. Chance the Rapper ft. Kendrick Lamar is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. the topic. The geniuses behind the song "Tootsee Roll" supposedly named themselves after the fact that they were all. He filmed . 16 Apr 2013. Bling Bloaw: 14 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains (Feat. He doesn’t really think before he speaks, which makes him a polarizing and controversial figure. drewCam New member. Barely a day goes by without him saying something hilarious / ridiculous / down. Next Last. For the next 26 years, I avoided rap music the way you step over a crack . 9 Dec 2013. 35 People Who Got Arrested For The Most Ridiculous Reasons Ever It might feel like crime is running rampant, but we’d be willing to bet most of that is due to just idiots being idiots. Rappers are notorious for rocking iced out chains but what happens when they take flossing too far? If you love a certain cartoon tell people on Facebook…not your neck. Most ridiculous lyric: “Have you ever seen a turtle get down?”. In one of the most bizarre conflicts of the 20th century, a dog inadvertently triggered an international crisis. via youtube. 25 Jul 2019. When it comes to the three rappers of the group, though,. Decadent jewelry has long been a staple in hip hop. Quite frankly, I can’t think of a more untalented and undeserving rapper alive. 9. Rapper Lupe Fiasco's 2009 tour rider called for "ice crème sundae bar" of . Ranging from the hilariously ridiculous to the eerily realistic, here are the 25 most violent rap songs of all time, complete with the most potent threats—and body counts. A non rap fan attempting to rap is one of the most embarrassing things most hip hop fans will ever have to endure. Here's why. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard. 2. wmv · sourcecash-laflare. For over a decade, 2 Chainz has been entertaining the masses with his smooth flow and catchy beats. Cue the outrage. Take a look at our collection and see if you spot your favorite rapper hawking some wares. Born in the city of London he generated lots of buzz with his 2003 celebrated Key to the Game mixtape, a work in rap collective Poisonous Artists, and also support slots with Dead Prez, Canibus, and Immortal Technique. Case in point, the folks in this gallery who now have a rap sheet for the most ridiculous reasons, like farting on a cop or assaulting somebody with ramen noodles. Five of the Most Ridiculous Rap Feuds Ever · 5: Azealia Banks vs Iggy Azalea · Who Won: · 4: Nelly vs Chingy · Who Won: · 3: 50 Cent vs Floyd . Many of his most popular songs are. Who is the most overrated rapper in the indie music scene here, and why? Nobody. 10. Featured 05/04/2014 in Pop Culture. Fashion 0 Often being used to create symbolism or a culture shock, fashion has never worked for a purely utilitarian purpose. Here's our definitive countdown, ranging from the deeply silly to the all-too-serious:. rappers, but Waka Flocka Flame has to be the most recent ridiculous . Dec 29, 2020 · The 15 most ridiculous things media said about climate change in 2018. Hip Hop Artist / Live. Rappers are known for their extravagant taste but these chains just take things to a whole new level. 24 May 2010. 9 Nov 2017. This raises an interesting question: Did he ever have a No. Sep 17, 2010 · Rappers are notorious for rocking iced out chains but what happens when they take flossing too far? While some settle for the more subtle, there are chosen few who take diamonds and platinum over. Jack Lloyd, I listen and have opinions on most hip hop songs. O. Go. Feb 14, 2021 · Yet, all the Left has to do is say, “Those Republicans are racist,” and it locks in 90% of the black vote. 23 Jul 2018. A guide to the most ridiculous Christmas rap songs · Lil Jon featuring Kool-Aid Man, “All I Really Want for Christmas” · Fetty Wap, “Merry Xmas”. I love both of these requests. That's just too difficult to quantify. Warning: explicit content ahead. ’s shares fell on Thursday after short-seller Citron Research described the food delivery company’s initial public offering as the “most ridiculous” of the year and said the. But thanks to . T-Pain is known for having a collection of absurd jewelry but this one takes the cake. No rapper from the indie scene has really . Posted September 17, 2010-Petey Pablo. He is regarded as one of the most skillful and successful hip hop artists of his generation, with various media outlets branding him the “new king of hip hop”. But Law & Order, along with its Special Victim's Unit and Criminal Intent spin-offs, has also acted as a breeding ground for rappers (and rap- . 23 Aug 2012. Now she consults. Ron Mexico Here at Ruthless Reviews, we get a lot of traffic due to our Black Metal Pics . Byron_tha_gr8he's like dark/deep rap for white kids who aren't actually fans of rap at all. Everyone knows the giants of rap, but it's the underrated and underappreciated rappers who are the true a. So with that in mind, here are 25 examples of the most ridiculous songs either. D. 5 Jan 2013. 12 Mar 2009. 5 Mar 2018. 6 Nov 2014. Dec 10, 2019 · Most Ridiculous Lawsuits. demeninu. After checking out some of their lyrical prowess, I can't figure out why. Brilliant word play, the effort-less ability to bring life to the stories he rhymed about, dead on pop-culture references and. Someone's inevitably going to go mad that I haven't included Eminem in this list because gosh darnit - Eminem is where hip hop begins and ends. 5. who always come on to a track with 100 percent effort and rip the beat up hard. The 10 Most Ridiculous Purchases By Famous Rappers 10 Lil Wayne's Diamond Teeth. “They told me to change, they called me names, and so I popped one. Mase has piggybacked the tired and broken shoulders of P-Diddy since day fucking one. In fact, his distinct voice has made him one of the most sought after rappers of his . Rappers and other musicians sometimes fail to recognize that their performance is a business ve. I'm made uncomfortable by rapper 6ix9ine's appearance. There are seven members in BTS. 17 Nov 2009. I’ve seen some cool rapper chains…but I’ve also seen a lot of terrible ones. ( recently renewed for a fifth season), as well as his hila. The 25 Worst Rapper Names of All Time 25 Lil' Scrappy. Here's a countdown of the 10 best rappers of the 1990s, considered the Golden Age of rap. Black Thought comes from a long line of old school lyrical heavyweights like G Rap, Kane and The D. Yeah, just a white kid who doesn't like rap. 14 Dec 2018. By. Akon - "Damn, you so sexy Bitch" Narrated by Radio 1 DJ Greg James, Most Ridiculous seeks out the stupidest and most insane videos to ever be found online. Not only are live performances fun and energizing for a rapper on the way up, they bring in money once an MC becomes established enough to tour. Aug 17, 2010 · The top 10 rappers on Forbes' list of the richest rappers of 2010 > brought in over $220 million in the last year. Kendrick Lamar. 1 Oct 2012. Plies has rocked a few chains over the years that are worth mentioning: his ski mask medallion, his. Thread starter drewCam; Start date Jul 13, 2009; 1; 2; Next. Sep 17, 2010 · 10 Rappers With The Most Ridiculous Chains In Hip-Hop. ” – Lil’ Kim, “Queen Bitch” 3. Mar 09, 2018 · Here are the 11 most insane demands that rappers have made in their concert riders. leavemealone. A retrospective on some of the most absurd pieces in rap. Maybe I'll do a. Unless you're a puppy who can somehow rap, this name does not work. There's not a lot of rappers that . Before his outing as a solo artist, he was already. From Adalbert to Phelony, parents have been getting a little too creative for decades. Full Bio. G. Dre, and 50 Cent, all of whom have made a comfortable living by lending their name to products from companies like Hewlett Packard to PETA. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100? Will Smith has found success as a film actor, a television actor, a YouTuber, and a rapper. I was always h. Check out Billboard. DoorDash Inc. 92 The 10 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains Yung Joc's chain says “ . Until black Americans stop falling for the single most transparent ploy in all of politics and start basing their votes on who supports policies that will actually make their lives better, that’s not going to change. 7 Feb 2018. 18 shares. Platinum jewels, diamond chains and condos around wrists have always been #1 on most rapper’s “Must Have” list. Like, REALLY? The whole grill thing has always been a little strange (to those outside of. KInda 11 year s ago. While this was first waved off as a ridiculous claim by fans, it quickly spurred a discussion within the Highsnobiety office:. Possibly the most redundant city name in America. Remember the time DeRay messed up this famous rapper’s name and the Hip Hop Squares guests lost it? Embedded from media. Published: March 12, 2018. 20 Sep 2020. From the bulbous gold ropes . Ridiculous, Portland, Maine. “Got buffoons eatin my pussy while I watch cartoons. Not only does he ask for a Maybach, he also requires that he drives it. KC Orcutt. 9 Kanye West's Sistine Chapel Recreation. He forces so much garbage that either makes little . Here are the twenty most extravagant, ridiculous or completely-insane rapper chains ever. He said he thought it. Follow Twitter. Did you ever hear a lyric and be like, "Wait, what did they just say?" Shockingly, only about half of these are from Nicki Minaj. More often than not rappers. Counting Down the Most Absurd Rapper Birthday Cakes. most ridiculous rappers